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Dental implants have been nothing but trouble

By August 23, 2015November 30th, 2018Dental Implants

Since the day I got them, my dental implants have been nothing but trouble and I want all of them out. When they started itching I was told that it was part of the healing process. When my gums started swelling 3 months after the surgery, I was told that was part of the healing process. Now I have an infection. These are implants I got in Feb. of this year. Is this part of the healing process too? I can’t count the times I have been back and forth to the oral surgeon with no reasonable answers. What are my options if I just ask him to take them out? Girard

Girard – Your frustration is understandable. The incidents that you describe are of concern. Before you ask the oral surgeon to remove your dental implants, we suggest that you get a second opinion from a long-time prosthodontist with a stellar record of successful implant placement.

In addition to an examination of your implants, gum, and jawbone, diagnostic studies will be needed to determine what went wrong and how. Whether it was the implant fixtures, the placement of the implants, or some other factor, finding out the real issue will help to resolve it correctly.

It will take time to resolve, and removing the implants may be the best option. But even if removal is required, choose your provider carefully. A second opinion will help you do just that. If you feel more comfortable doing so, ask for a consultation with the prosthodontist before the actual exam.

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