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I don’t think my Invisalign is working

By August 19, 2015November 30th, 2018Invisalign

I’ve had my Invisalign for about 5 weeks. I keep looking at my teeth but they look like they are in the same position as when I started. I don’t think it’s working. Will I be able to get a refund? Thanks Kylie

Kylie – Based on the timeframe you’ve provided, you will soon be switching to your third set of Invisalign aligners. This is too soon to see noticeable results when you look at your smile in the mirror.

Most patients see noticeable results in two to three months. With an average treatment time of a year or more, you are at the beginning stages of treatment. So don’t worry. As the months go by, you will notice the improvement in the alignment of your teeth.

Keep your appointments for checkups and any adjustments needed to your aligners. It will help you attain successful treatment.

This post is sponsored by Dr. Anthony LaVacca of Naperville Dental Specialists.

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