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Do I need dental implants before braces?

By September 12, 2013November 30th, 2018Dental Implants, Prosthodontist

I my molars are severely damaged due to an embarrassing habit that I had for 10 years but have now quit. I am now 38 year old. I also need braces but can I get them if my molars are extracted or do I need dental implants in before braces can be placed? – Scott R.

Scott – If you need braces, they should be placed, and your teeth should be straightened before you receive dental implants. Dental implants don’t move. So having implants in place before braces would have a negative effect on the alignment of your teeth. The implants may interfere with the correct positioning of your natural teeth.

But your molars may not need to be removed. Have your teeth examined by an experienced prosthodontist. It is possible that your molar teeth can be saved and protected with dental crowns. The prosthodontist’s goal is to preserve and restore your teeth. He or she will let you know your treatment options and the order in which each treatment should be done to give you a beautiful smile.

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