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Do most pediatric dentists have children restrained?

By March 31, 2014November 30th, 2018Pediatric Dentist

Our family dentist relocated out of state. I had a dentist recommended to me that I really like, but she doesn’t accept children as patients. I found a pediatric dentist for my son and I was surprised that they restrained him on the first visit. He didn’t panic but he was very concerned and so was I. I don’t like the idea of having my son unnecessarily restrained. He is not afraid of going to a dental appointment. Is restraining a habit at most pediatric dentists’ offices? Thanks. Shelly

Shelly – Many pediatric dentist offices restrain children as a last resort. If you are not comfortable with having your son restrained, call the offices of several other dentists to find out whether or not they restrain children, and under what circumstances children are restrained.

Another option is to find a dental office that treats both children and adults. Some offices have pediatric dentists available. In other offices, you will find dentists who care for the needs of adults, as well as children.

In either case, schedule consultations with a few dentists to get a feel for the office environment and how you are treated by the staff. Bring your son with you to the consultations. The consultations will help you make a decision on the right dental care for your son.

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