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Fillings from the pediatric dentist keep falling out of my son’s teeth

By November 7, 2016November 30th, 2018Pediatric Dentist

My 8yr old had a dental cleaning appointment with his pediatric dentist in September and 4 cavities were found. I think this is excessive because I make sure he brushes 2 times and day and flosses every day. So one cavity would be a surprise, but 4 seems really suspicious to me. Within the past 2 months, 2 of the 4 fillings have fallen out. They fell out separately, so we have made 2 trips back to the dentist to have the cavities filled again. I am watching the teeth closely and checking them. Last night I noticed that one of the fillings feels loose. I am not sure if the fillings are being done correctly or if they are needed at all. Should I get a second opinion?

You didn’t mention it, but were your son’s cavities filled with amalgam or composite fillings? Composite fillings that are correctly placed bind to the teeth and are unlikely to fall out.

One of our pediatric dentists would need to examine your son’s teeth to determine what’s causing the problem, but it could be due to moisture on the teeth during the process of filling them. After decay is cleaned from a tooth, it should be completely dry during the filling procedure. Otherwise, fillings don’t bond well and are more liken to loosen or fall out. Cotton, air, and dental dams help isolate the tooth and keep it dry.

Children are often wiggly during dental appointments, and it might be more difficult to keep a child still and ensure the teeth are kept dry. Care must be taken during the process to ensure the process goes well.

A different pediatric dentist might get better results on your son’s teeth. Many dental offices have ways to distract children and help them relax during appointments. Before you have the loose filling replaced, speak with your son’s dentist and ask what he thinks is causing the issue, and what can be done to prevent additional fillings from loosening and falling out.

You always have the option of getting a second opinion from another pediatric dentist who will examine your son’s teeth and fillings and let you know your options.

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