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Human cadaver bone grafting for dental implants

By November 13, 2012October 20th, 2023Bone Grafting, Dental Implants

I am seriously considering getting dental implants in early 2013. I know that I will need bone grafting. What can you tell me about human cadaver bone for grafting? – Kyle

Kyle – Human cadaver bone for dental implant bone grafting, known as allografts, works very well. U.S. donor applicants are pre-screened for infectious diseases before they are accepted as donors. Donated bone is process and sterilized to make grafting safe.

Autogenous bone comes from the patient’s own body. Bone may be available elsewhere in the mouth or from another place in the body—usually the hip.

Xenograft bone comes from a different species, usually bovine bone, which comes from a cow.

Synethetic bone grafting is referred to as alloplast. Although this method is most convenient and the least expensive, some dentists say the success rate is not as good as the other methods.

Your implant dentist will discuss the options with you and address any concerns you have.

This post is courtesy of Naperville implant dentist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

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