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Thinking about dentures instead of replacing implant teeth

By October 24, 2012October 20th, 2023Dental Implants, Dentures

Between my upper and lower teeth I have 12 implant teeth that need to be replaced. I think the crowns are about 14 years old now and they are worn. I remember how much it cost when I first got the implants and I don’t have that kind of money now. I have retired and my income is limited. I think dentures are the way to go this time. Do you have any tips for me on what to look for with dentures? Thanks – Tommy

Tommy – There are some things you should consider before deciding to receive removable dentures:

  • The original cost of your dental implants included the cost of the implant surgery and placement, which will not be repeated for new implant crowns.
  • There is not much difference in price tween the implant crowns and complete removable dentures, but there is difference in the function.
  • Your chewing efficiency will be cut in half with removable dentures. Also, your palate will be covered, and you will enjoy food less.
  • Your dental implants will need to be removed to receive complete removable dentures. When all of your teeth are missing, your jawbone shrinks, and in about 15 years, facial collapse will occur. Then, if you are able to keep the denture in your mouth, your gums will be sore and irritated.

Many patients are satisfied with removable dentures, but you already have implants in place. Speak with your dentist about the cost of implant crowns versus complete removable dentures. If you decide that you want dentures, find a dentist who will customize the dentures to give you a comfortable fit, and who uses quality teeth for the dentures to give you a natural-looking smile.

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