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I’m bulimic. How can I preserve my teeth?

By November 27, 2012November 30th, 2018Bulimia, Implant Dentistry

I wish I could say that I am recovering from bulimia but I am not. I am struggling. I do well for a few months, and then I slip back into the habit again. I can see the effect on my teeth. Is there anything I do to preserve my teeth? – Kaye

Kaye – There are some steps you can take to preserve your teeth. Rinse your mouth often—especially after vomiting. Avoid brushing your teeth right after vomiting, because your teeth are in a weakened state. Brushing your teeth will only weaken them further.

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay, so ask your dentist for prescription-strength fluoridated toothpaste. Your dentist will determine if fluoride treatments will be beneficial.

Continue to work on your recovery. If the damage to your teeth is extensive, be assured that your smile can be restored with porcelain crowns or dental implants.

Be open with your dentist and work with him or her to preserve your teeth.

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