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Getting kids back on track for a new school year? Don’t forget about their teeth.

By August 27, 2015November 30th, 2018Pediatric Dentist

Getting kids back on track for school? Don’t forget about their teeth.

Backpacks, notebooks, writing instruments, clothing, you name it. There is a long list of things that are needed to help children get back in the swing of things and in the learning mode for school. As you prepare for, or help them adjust to, a new school year, don’t forget about their teeth. What do we mean?

During summer, when kids are on vacation, visiting relatives, home with a sitter, or off to summer camp, their good oral hygiene habits may slip a bit. Now is the time to get them back on track.

Children need to floss between their teeth daily and brush their teeth twice daily. Sounds like a bit much? Did you know that failure to floss regularly can lead to a buildup of plaque and bacteria between the teeth that, if left untreated, can cause gum disease?

Also, be sure to schedule regular dental cleaning and exams for your children. If your child’s pediatric dentist recommends sealants for deep groves or pits in the teeth, take the recommendation seriously. Most cavities in children’s teeth are found in places that could have been protected by sealants. The process is easy and painless. In minutes, the sealant is painted on the applicable teeth, dried, and your child will be good to go.

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s oral health, instead of doing an Internet search on an unreliable website, look for official pediatric dentistry websites. And don’t hesitate to contact your dentist’s office.


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