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Replacing a front bottom tooth

By October 10, 2012October 20th, 2023Dental Implants

I have a front bottom tooth that is missing the one that is immediately to the right of the center. What do you recommend for it? Thank y ou! Esther from Iowa.


Replacing lower front teeth (mandibular incisors) requires excellent skills, because the teeth are small. If the teeth on either side of the missing one are in good condition, a dental implant can be used for the replacement. A very small implant will need to be used, and care must be taken to allow enough space between it and the adjacent teeth so that no damage is done to the roots of those teeth.

A dental bridge is another option. The bridge requires the adjacent teeth to be shaved down and to have crowns placed on them. The replacement tooth will be suspended between the two crowns. The bridge must be designed correctly to avoid damaging the remaining tooth structure.

Be sure to find an implant dentist with experience in working with smaller teeth. Check the dentist’s implant credentials to ensure he or she has the skills required for replacing tooth.

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