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Wacky bottom denture but can’t afford implants

By January 21, 2014November 30th, 2018Affordable Implant Dentistry, Dentures

My bottom denture is loose but hurts my gums all at the same time. I put some pads between the dentures and my gums but they still hurt. When I chew, they lift up completely. Sometimes they get stuck to the food and I have to pull them back down. It is very embarrassing and frustrating. I feel like there’s no suction in them. I have had them relined several times with no improvement. I know dental implants will work but I can’t afford them. My dentist keeps recommending implants but what else will work? I’m in my 10th year of wearing dentures and I am 67 yrs young. I need an alternative because I have a lot of life left in me. Thank you. Lorena

Lorena – Your dentist is correct. Dental implants are needed to stabilize your denture. After your teeth have been missing for many years, your jawbone begins to shrink, and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep a denture in, so implants are needed to secure them.

There are various options for dental implants that may make them more affordable for you. Standard implants provide the most stability, and the more of them you have, the more stable your dentures will be. But implants come in other sizes. Smaller implants, mini implants, cost less and will secure your dentures so that you can enjoy eating. Two mini implants will stabilize your dentures, and if your budget allows for more, you will enjoy added stability with your dentures.

Look for a skilled implant dentist who offers payment plans or financing. The office will work with your budget so that you can afford implants without paying a single large sum at once.

This post is sponsored by Naperville board-certified prosthodontist and implant dentist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

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