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What amount of dental work can be done in one sitting?

By November 22, 2011November 30th, 2018Sedation Dentistry

I have a TON of dental work that needs to be done. I need several root canals. I also have a few cavities and need some cosmetic work done. I don’t want this to drag out and have to keep taking time off work. How much work can I get done in one appointment?

Bill K. -Draper, Utah


You will get a variety of answers to this question depending on the dentist you choose. Each dentist has a different comfort level when it comes to this issue. You will find that dentists who do sedation dentistry are comfortable with the most amount of work in one sitting. You can easily find one by doing a google search for “draper sedation dentist”.

If you are not comfortable with sedation dentistry, then it also depends on your endurance level with treatment. If you are not bothered by dental treatment, you could do as much as four hours at a time and get a great deal done depending on how fast your dentist works.

Something else to bear in mind.  It can take a general or cosmetic dentist one and a half to two hours to do a molar root canal, but a root canal specialist (an endodontist) is able to get the whole thing done in an hour without a problem. So if your root canals are all on front teeth, you’re fine with a general dentist. However, if they are on molars you’ll need a specialist to get several done in one appointment.

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