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Why do the crowns make my implants hurt?

I received four dental implants, but the crowns seem to make them hurt. Whenever the crowns are placed on the implants I feel pain. Is something wrong with the crowns or is it the implants. I talked to the surgeon about it, but I got nowhere with him. The thought of what could have gone wrong is starting to make me nervous. What can I do? Thanks for your help – Danielle from Minnesota

Danielle – Without an examination, it is not possible to say precisely what is causing your problem, but we can tell you what is potentially causing your pain.

The dental implants may be affecting a nerve, they may be too small, they may be incorrectly placed, there might be an infection around them, or there may be too much stress on them—in which case, the crowns can increase the stress and cause pain.

The normal pain after implants are placed usually lasts only one or two weeks. If crowns are being placed on your implants, then you have passed the recommended healing period of three to four months, and the crowns are not likely to be the cause of the pain.

Your surgeon has no input on what may be causing the problem, so we recommend that you get a second opinion from a different implant dentist. Check his or her credentials to ensure that he or she is skilled in implant placement.

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