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4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Oral Hygiene Routine

By March 29, 2023Blog
Spring Clean Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Spring is the time for new beginnings, sunnier days and, of course, cleaning. Before you pull out your vacuum and start mopping your floors, don’t forget to spring clean your oral hygiene routine. 

Few things feel as fresh as a healthy smile. Get your oral health routine back on track with new floss, mouthwash, toothbrushes, a dental checkup, and a teeth whitening session. These four easy steps are the perfect spring cleaning routine to prepare your smile for the new season!

Steps to Spring Clean your Dental Routine:


1. Replace your toothbrush

How often should you change your toothbrush? Many of the patients at Naperville Dental Specialists are surprised when we tell them to replace their toothbrushes every three to four months. If you’ve been sick or the toothbrush bristles have frayed, we recommend changing them sooner.  

When you buy a new toothbrush, choose one with soft bristles so you don’t injure your gums while brushing. Frequently swapping your toothbrush will improve your oral hygiene and prevent the spread of germs during cold and flu season.

2. Stock up on your oral hygiene products



Wondering how long your mouthwash lasts? Generally, your mouthwash will be effective for two years after its manufacture date. Check the expiration date to ensure it’s still working for you. Expired mouthwash will not be able to fight gum disease, prevent plaque buildup or stave off bad breath.


Most people don’t realize that toothpaste can expire. Your toothpaste will typically expire two years from its manufacturing date. When shopping for a new toothpaste, ensure it includes fluoride and has the American Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval. 


If you’re unfamiliar, Waterpik® is a popular brand of water flosser that some people use in their oral hygiene routine. If this is part of your regimen, your Waterpik tip should be replaced every six months to minimize mineral deposits. 


Regular flossing is incredibly important. Stock up on fresh floss or floss picks this spring so you can floss daily and keep your gums and teeth healthy. 

Dental Guard

It is advised that you visit your dentist twice a year to check your night guard. Dental guards lose their effectiveness when they lose their thickness. Less material means less ability to absorb the shock from your teeth and more space for bacteria to creep in. Your dental guard should be replaced if it is thinning, frayed or deformed. 

3. Book your bi-annual dental checkup and cleaning


One of the best ways to spring clean your smile is to book a dental exam and cleaning with your Naperville general dentist. Even if you don’t have any noticeable concerns, checkups and cleanings are essential for preventing and catching oral problems before they become a larger concern. 

Plus, the clean you get from a professional is impossible to match at home. Our skilled hygienists use special tools to gently remove hardened plaque and surface stains, reducing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease and leaving your enamel nice and shiny.

4. Brighten your smile


Are your teeth looking dull or discolored after a winter of enjoying comfort foods and beverages? While a revamped oral hygiene routine can be helpful, brushing and flossing can’t eliminate those deeper-set stains. You will see significantly whiter teeth without damage with just one professional teeth whitening session

Spring into action and visit your Naperville dentist!

As you work through your spring cleaning to-do list, make sure to schedule your dental cleaning in Naperville. Our Naperville general dentists and specialists look forward to helping get your oral hygiene routine back on track!

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