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My dentist isn’t offering more affordable dental implants if they have to be redone

By May 9, 2017July 23rd, 2018Affordable Dental Implants

Shouldn’t I be offered more affordable dental implants if they have to be redone? I first got implants in July of last year. They didn’t heal right so my dentist said she has to do them over and I was quoted full price for the new set. This is three dental implants that I have to pay for all over again. I asked my dentist about it and she explained that the same things have to be done all over again that were done in the first place and on top of it all, she has to remove the old implants and she isn’t charging for that. This is beginning to sounds suspicious to me. Should I really have to pay for the implants to be redone? I’m not sure what went wrong anyway. Every time my dentist tries to explain it, it sounds like a bunch of garbage. I’m starting not to trust her. Thanks. Annette

Annette – The usual healing period for dental implants is 6-12 months after surgery. You’re still within the normal healing period, so if your dentist is saying your implants need to be redone, it’s your right as a patient to be told why. We understand that you’ve already spent a lot of money for the procedure and would want affordable dental implants, but don’t agree to having them replaced yet.

The cause of dental implant failure needs to be determined to prevent the same issue after you have them replaced. If your dentist is at fault, not only should you receive more affordable dental implants, you shouldn’t have to pay at all to have them replaced. But be cautious about having your current dentist do the work.

Before You Ask for More Affordable Dental Implants

Before you ask your dentist to replace your dental implants for a lower fee, we suggest the following:

  • Ask your dentist why your dental implants need to be replaced. Listen carefully to her explanation, and ask questions about anything you don’t understand.
  • Before you have the implants redone, get a second opinion from an experienced implant surgeon or prosthodontist. It’s unclear what went wrong, so please schedule an appointment for an examination and diagnostic studies to help determine the real issue.
  • We recommend that you not move forward with replacing the dental implants without knowing what went wrong and how the problem can be avoided in the future.

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