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Should I Choose Clear Choice for dental implants?

By May 23, 2016November 19th, 2020Dentures

I have 5 missing top right teeth. Some are missing due to an accident and others are from decay and not keeping up with my teeth. Some things get to be more important when you are in the situation, so after the accident I started going to the dentist and paying more attention to my teeth. My dentist told me my options are a denture or dental implants. After listening to all of the problems I can have with dentures, of course I wanted dental implants. The problem is the cost. I was all set to get them until my dentist quoted the figure. Thousands of dollars. I have been waiting and thinking about what to do. Meanwhile I am wearing a temporary partial denture that is killing my gums. Since I have been wearing my partial denture I have seen Clear Choice commercials on TV. The center is about 2.5 hours from where I live. I decided to make the trip just to compare the information and cost my dentist gave me. Clear Choice is a little cheaper. I am not sure if it is worth driving the distance though. If they are specialists in implants I am wondering if I might come out better off any way. Does it make sense to get the implants from Clear Choice? Jude

Jude – Dental implants are definitely a better option than a removable partial denture, or any other type of denture. Clear Choice specialized in implant placement, but that doesn’t make them the better choice.

There are mixed reviews from patients on the quality of service and the quality of implants received at Clear Choice. They are a large, nationwide operation with a net worth that allows them to market heavily. Clear Choice is advertised widely, so many people assume it’s the better choice.

Ensure you understand what the quote from your dentist includes, as well as the quote from Clear Choice. It may be advisable to get a third opinion from a prosthodontist. He or she completes the entire implant process from planning and diagnostics, to the implant surgery and restoring dental crown. The services a prosthodontist provides are similar to the one-stop implants approach Clear Choice has. A prosthodontist specializes in tooth restoration and replacement.

Compare your options to make an informed decision about your provider for dental implants.

This post is sponsored by Naperville board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

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