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My Clear Choice Review Isn’t Being Posted on Yelp

By May 4, 2017November 19th, 2020Uncategorized

My Clear Choice review isn’t getting posted on Yelp. I had a bad experience and I’m trying to warn other people of it. I got ripped off more than $7000 from Clear Choice and I can’t get a refund. I keep calling and being transferred to voicemail. I’ve even gone into the office and was told that the billing department doesn’t take walk-ins. They are supposed to call me back, but I’ve been waiting for 3 weeks for a call. I made the mistake of giving them a huge down payment. My sister asked me to get a second opinion before I commit to Clear Choice, so I did. After getting the second opinion, which was quite different from the recommendation Clear Choice made (All on 4), I decided to put a hold on getting the work done from them. I called and let them know that I wanted to cancel everything and since that time I’ve been waiting for a refund. So I’ve been trying to post my experience on Yelp. Any time I try to post, it seems to be filtered out and doesn’t make it as a review. I checked with Yelp through email and I keep getting an automated response about how to properly submit a review. I thought you might know something about how I can get the word out to the public. Thank you. Nicolas

Nicolas – Your Clear Choice review probably is getting rejected in a spam filter. Reviews that are considered fraudulent or not useful are filtered out completely or placed at the bottom of the page. Some suggestions are below.

  1. Avoid concealing your identity on Yelp. There are several ways to do it:
  • Don’t use programs that attempt to hide your IP address.
  • Use an active and valid e-mail account.
  • Use a private Wi-Fi connection.
  1. Make it clear that you’re not a spammer. Consider linking your Yelp and Facebook accounts (if you have one). Although Yelp doesn’t reveal its algorithm for blocking posts, the fact that you’ve verified your Facebook account can give your Yelp account some validity and get your Clear Choice review posted.
  2. Provide a full review. Short comments aren’t taken seriously. Provide details of your experience to ensure your review will be given consideration.
  3. Provide reviews for other businesses. If you review other businesses, it gives evidence that you’re not out to get a single business. A number of reviews on others businesses can get your Clear Choice review posted.
  4. Ensure you’re not affiliated with the company or its competitors. Your online history and credentials are scanned to sure that you’re neither affiliated with Clear Choice nor any of its competitors. If you have such an affiliation, all of your posts can be blocked form the site.

If you want others to know about your experience, you can submit it a Clear Choice review on the reviews form on the Naperville Implant Dentist website.

Meanwhile, your state Attorney General’s office or a consumer protection attorney can review your Clear Choice contract and advise you on how to proceed with getting all or some of your money back.

This post is sponsored by Naperville board-certified prosthodontist and implant dentist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.


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