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Why are Clear Choice reviews inconsistent?

By September 29, 2016October 20th, 2023Dental Bridge, Dental Implants

I have a dental bridge that is about 17 yrs old. It lasted a long time. Now I am thinking about getting an implant bridge. I had 2 consultations with implants dentists and now I am looking for a 3rd opinion. I’ve seen commercials about Clear Choice and I have an acquaintance who received implants from Clear Choice and recommends them. One recommendation isn’t enough for me so I started looking on line for Clear Choice reviews. I found it interesting to see that some reviews are super positive and others are super negative. There are more positive reviews than negative but the negative ones are so bad that it’s making me a little nervous. Why are Clear Choice reviews so inconsistent? Thanks Nicola


Clear Choice reviews are based on patient experience. Some patients have a great experience, while others are disappointed.

Clear Choice reviews reveal that patient cases are treated the same. That approach is risky because each patient case is different. A single method or technique can’t possibly be right for everyone. Your dental implants solution should be tailored to match your needs. Clear Choice often falls short of that.

Rather than visit a dental implant chain, smaller practices often provide consistently positive outcomes. But don’t visit just any implant dentist. Check out his or her experience and credentials before scheduling a consultation. Your current dentist might be able to recommend a skilled prosthodontist for your third opinion.

Ask each dentist how many implant bridge cases he or she has handled. Ask what kind of problems have been encountered and how the dentist resolved them. Discuss your treatment options. An implant bridge might be the right option for you, but other alternatives may be better for your case and your long-term oral health.

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