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Can’t find enough Clear Choice reviews like my case

By October 14, 2016November 19th, 2020All-on-4 Dental Implants, Dental Implants

I’ve been reading a lot of Clear Choice reviews after having a consultation at one last week and I find the whole thing mind-boggling. All I see are mentions of the same procedure over and over again and it seems like most are good, but I find it odd that so many people needed the exact same thing. A lot of them hit on what I experienced- a big push to get signed up and scheduled then and there at the consultation. I didn’t bite. I went in knowing I wasn’t going to schedule there because I’d already heard about the tactics they use, but the procedure thing… that I didn’t notice until they told me I needed the same one and I went back to look again. Does this make them a specialist or should I get a second opinion? – Thanks – JT

JT – I am trying to make a decision about who to get my dental implants from and the Clear Choice reviews aren’t helping. I went to three dental implant practices and Clear Choice was my last visit. I liked the way I was treated there but the prices are off the charts. I felt more pressured to make a decision to go with Clear Choice. It has been 2 weeks since my visit and they have called me twice. I am taking my time and reading patient reviews on all the places I have visited. The problem with Clear Choice is that probably 90% of the reviews are about All on 4. I am not remotely interested in All on 4 but I am not getting enough information on their other options. I need 6 dental implants. Is there some other place I can get better Clear Choice rviews?

Finding the right dentist to replace several teeth is a serious decision. Although you can’t get a better form of tooth replacement than dental implants, the expense is great. Your efforts to do visit research and visit different implant dentists are vital to getting the best care.

Clear Choice reviews lean toward All-on-4 implants because that treatment is the most popular and most advertised among the company’s offerings. A dental treatment that works well for someone else might not be best for your case. Aggressively sales techniques can rush you to make a decision that you would later regret—or that is not the optimum treatment to replace your six missing teeth.

You’ve had consultations with three other implant dentists, so compare your options with those providers. In addition to the technical aspects of your treatment, pay attention how you are treated by each dentist and his or her staff. Ensure your provider is willing to listen to your concerns and thoroughly explains your treatment options. You need quality care as a patient with an implant dentist who has good chairside manner. Clear Choice reviews can’t provide you with the information you need to choose their services. So it’s best to find a dentist who can.

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