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Crown broke off twice. Should we trust this dentist?

By January 30, 2014November 30th, 2018Dental Crowns, General Dentistry

My husband got a crown in November 2012. In March of last year the crown cracked. Before my husband got a chance to go to the dentist for it, the crown fell off. He took the crown with him and got a replacement crown. He is now wearing the second crown. I should say he was wearing the second crown because it broke off yesterday again. He is so disgusted with this whole thing, but for some reason he wants to give the dentist another chance. Should we trust this dentist? – Aarti


Aarti – We will leave it to you and your husband to determine if you really trust the dentist.

What we can tell you is that with proper preparation of the natural tooth that is to be crowns, and with bonding techniques, a dental crown should not fall off. Your husband can ask the dentist what will be done this time to ensure that the crown is not dislodged again.

You can also have a second opinion dentist examine your husband’s tooth and crown to determine if the tooth was properly prepared for the crown and if the crown is properly sized for the tooth.

After your husband receives the second opinion, he can determine if he wants to return to your current dentist, or have the restoration done by a different dentist.

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