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Hole in my tooth and drugstore filler won’t stay in

By February 29, 2016November 30th, 2018Dental Fillings, Emergency Dentistry

I have a hole in my tooth but it doesn’t hurt. It was getting sensitive to hot and cold drinks so I got some Dentek from the drugstore. It used to work fine but it started falling out recently. Maybe the hole in my tooth is getting bigger? I don’t know. Can you recommend another product other than Dentek that might hold better now? Nezaida

Nezaida – Over-the-counter dental filler is a temporary repair for a tooth. It doesn’t eliminate the need to go to a dentist to have the tooth examined, x-rayed, and restored.

Although you don’t feel pain, the tooth can still be infected. The infection can affect other teeth, your jawbone, and spread elsewhere in your body. If the pulp (living tissue) inside your tooth dies, the nerves die with it, and you won’t feel pain in the tooth. If that’s the case, a root canal treatment is needed.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist right away to have your tooth examined. If the cavity is too large for composite filling, a porcelain onlay or inlay may be used to restore the tooth. Onlays and inlays preserve tooth structure, and in addition to building up the tooth again, they look completely natural.

A badly damaged tooth may require a porcelain crown. Visit an experienced cosmetic dentist for an examination and to learn about your options. Please don’t continue to try to repair the tooth yourself. If you prolong treatment, the damage to your tooth can progress and make treatment more difficult and more costly.

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