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I am bleeding near my dental implant. Is this a sign of failure?

By March 22, 2013November 30th, 2018Dental Implant Mistakes

i just had a dental implant and it has been 2 months. While i was brushing there was little bleeding near the implant. Does this mean it failed? Please help me. i am worried. Chad

Chad – Minor bleeding around the implant site is normal the first two or three days after the surgery. If it has been two months since your surgery, contact your implant dentist immediately so that he or she can examine the implant to determine the cause of the bleeding.

Common signs of implant failure are an infection, implants that become loose, numbness, tingling, or pain that are a result of nerve impairment, and discomfort from the puncture of other body cavities—particularly the sinuses.

If you want a second opinion to determine if you have experienced implant failure, find a credentialed implant dentist for it.

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