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Pediatric dentist asked us to leave

By May 16, 2014November 30th, 2018Pediatric Dentist

I took my 5 yr old twins to the pediatric dentist yesterday. They both were nervous because this is a new dentist for us. We just moved her in February. The dentist told me to come back when the girls are ready for an appointment. She didn’t have any patients for my girls. I thought that a dentist who specializes in treating children would have a little more patience. What can I do to get the girls more comfortable at the office? Thank you. Jess

Jess – You may be able to take your daughters to the office when they don’t have appointment. They will have a chance to get comfortable with the environment and perhaps meet a few staff members. You can also ask if they are able to briefly visit the dentist.

If your children are still not comfortable after another visit, you can consider finding another dentist. But if you choose to find a new dentist, before you make a final decision have a few consultations and take your twins with you. You all will get a feel for the office, staff, and dentist, and you will be more comfortable with your decision.

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