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Can a pediatric dentist prevent a parent from accompanying a child with dental anxiety?

By April 17, 2018August 10th, 2023Pediatric Dentist

I have been looking for a new pediatric dentist for my 8 yr old daughter. We recently relocated to Illinois from Indiana. Two of the offices I called have policies that don’t allow parents to accompany their children in the treatment room. When we lived in Indiana, there was no problem with me going with her into the room during the appointment. She has anxiety and I just sit quietly with her without interfering. My being there makes a big difference in how she responds to the hygienist and dentist. Is it normal in Illinois for pediatric dentists to prevent parents from accompanying their children? – Ezra

Ezra – Some offices may have policies that don’t allow parents in the treatment room, but you can find a dentist for your daughter who welcomes you to accompany her.

You Can Find a Pediatric Dentist Who Understands Dental Anxiety

Both you and your daughter need to be comfortable with the dentist you select. Many parents choose not to leave their child alone with other adults. It’s important to many dentists to ensure a child’s dental anxiety is properly addressed. The right dentist will want you and your child to have pleasant dental visits so that dental care will be something she looks forward to—and not wants to avoid.

Both of you should have trust and confidence in the dentist you select. What can you do next?

  • Keep searching – Continue to call around to find a dentist who will allow you to come into the treatment room with your daughter. Any of our pediatric dentists would be happy to see her and welcome you to join her during the appointment.
  • Schedule consultations – Regardless of which pediatric dental practice you choose, we recommend that you schedule a few consultations first and take your daughter with you. It will give you both a chance to see the office, meet the staff, and determine if you are comfortable with the dental practice.
  • Ask questions – During the consultation, specifically ask if you are able to accompanying your daughter in the treatment room. Also ask the dentist how the practice ensures the comfort of children who have anxiety about dental appointments.

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