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Should I get a second opinion on Clear Choice implants?

By March 21, 2014November 19th, 2020Blog, Second Opinion

For the past 6 years I have worn a partial denture. It’s uncomfortable, ugly, and I am sick of it. My dentist told me he can get someone to do the implants for me. I also went to Clear Choice to see what they had to say about the implants. They said I have gum disease and they want to pull all of my lower teeth and replace them with implants. I was in shock trying to figure out how we got from two missing teeth to pulling all of the lower ones. With a price tag of $22k it is really outrageous. I am wondering if I have any other options. – Alec

Alec – You are wise to seek another opinion, and if needed, a third opinion, until you are comfortable with your treatment options and the implant surgeon.

You will need verification of the extent of periodontal disease that you may have. If it is progressive, it needs to be treated before you can receive dental implants. Most dentists will make the effort to save your natural teeth. Although dental implants are the most effective treatment for missing teeth, it is preferable to keep your natural teeth.

When you receive a second opinion, you will likely be given multiple options for tooth placement. Be certain to find a skilled implant dentist for your second opinion before you begin treatment.

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