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I think I’m allergic to my dentures

By May 14, 2016November 30th, 2018Dental Implants, Dentures

None of my natural teeth are left so I am wearing complete dentures. I got them in February of this year. Although I didn’t want dentures, dental implants are not an option for me so I had to get what I can afford. I really like the way my dentures look. They are more natural looking than I expected. The problem is that I can’t wear them without my gums itching and getting a rash. I can wear them but when I take them off it is hard to rest because of the irritation and itching. My dentist calls this an adjustment period, but it’s May now. How long does it take to adjust? If this is what I have to look forward to I am going to be miserable. I am beginning to wonder if I am allergic to the dentures. If so shouldn’t my insurance company pay for me to get a different pair of dentures or may dental implants? Also how do I handle this issue with my dentist when he thinks that I just need to adjust to the dentures? Thanks Vernon



If you didn’t experience any irritation issue prior to getting dentures, it is likely that there is something associated with wearing the dentures that is causing the problems. It is rare to be allergic to dental acrylic, but a few cases have been reported. Most often, metal in the dentures or the denture adhesive is causing irritation or rash.

Do you use denture adhesive? If so, try wearing your dentures without the adhesive. Your dentures are relatively new, so adhesive should not be needed at this point. If the irritation doesn’t occur and you still feel you need adhesive, try switching brands. Take note of the ingredients in the adhesives and see if there are any components that you may be sensitive to.

If your denture has a metal base or any metal components, it may be triggering an allergic reaction. If you are not using adhesive and you still get irritation and a rash, the denture may be the culprit. You can ask your dentist to switch you to another set of dentures, or you can get tested for metal allergies. Let your allergist know the details and circumstances of your reaction. He or she will have insight on how you should be tested.

Speak to your dental insurance company about the issue. Some benefits may be provided. It may help to have your dentures supported by dental implants, which prevents the dentures from resting on your gumliine. At the same time, your dentures will fit and function better. The implants will also prevent jawbone shrinkage. If needed, get a second opinion from an experienced prosthodontist.

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