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Why is my overdenture loose?

By July 25, 2014October 20th, 2023Dentures

I got an overdenture in May. It seemed to be okay at first but only one of them really snaps correctly. The other is loose and makes it feel like the denture is floating or shifting to the left. My dentist told me that my dentures wouldn’t be as secure as 4 or 6 dental implants but I wouldn’t expect them to loosen up this soon. Why is my overdenture loose? I thought I would avoid this problem with an overdenture. Thanks – Tommy

Tommy – Your dentist is correct that you won’t have the same stability with your dentures as you would with four or six implants, but both sides of the denture should securely snap in place.

There may be an issue with the way the denture fits on the ridge of your jawbone. Or the balance of your bite may be the issue. Your dentist will also check the components of the denture that snap onto the dental implants to find out what is preventing them from snapping tightly onto the implants.

If your dentist is unable to identify the cause of the looseness of your overdenture, you can get a second opinion from an experienced implant dentist.

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