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Can dentist tell if I’m a under age drinker?

By February 11, 2014December 3rd, 2018General Dentistry

My parents caught me drunk a few times already. I am 16 so they get really mad. I tried to tell them that it’s a social thing that happens at all the parties and it’s not like I’m a alcoholic. There are other times that I drink too depending on who I am with but it’s social. Everybody does it and I don’t want to be the dude that can’t hang. The problem is that I have a toothache that is killing me and I need to get to the dentist really bad. Can the dentist tell that I drink? – R.

R – If a person regularly drinks alcohol in excess, the signs will be seen in the teeth and gums. Excessive alcohol consumption can create cavities, darken your teeth, and deteriorate your gums. It can also increase the risk of oral cancer. If you drink alcohol often, it can linger on your breath, and the smell can escape through the pores of your skin. So if there are no visible signs yet, a dentist may be able to smell the alcohol on your breath or in your skin.

Your toothache needs attention. You probably have an infection in your tooth that needs to be removed and treated. If you don’t treat the toothache, it can make you very sick, and it can become life threatening.

We really encourage you to be honest with your parents about your drinking habits. If you are unable to speak with your parents, speak with a responsible adult who will listen to you and help you.

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