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How many Clear Choice Second Opinions do I need?

By October 10, 2017November 19th, 2020Blog

I have a question about Chicago Clear Choice second opinions. I’m looking into getting the All-on-4 procedure for my top teeth, so I went to Clear Choice as my first option because they seem to have it down to a science. But, while I was there, I really felt like I was getting pushed into it. I already had a good idea of what I wanted, and that’s why I went there in the first place, but then they started pushing me to schedule the procedure. They told me that I needed to do it right away, and they tried to get me to leave a deposit. I understand that they’re a business, but they made me feel like it wasn’t about me anymore. They knew I wanted the procedure, so they were pushing to collect the cash right away. The experience discouraged me from getting All-on-4 done altogether. I went ahead and scheduled a second consultation with a different office. This one was recommended to me and it is a very small office. I think there is only one dentist and maybe two or three girls who work for him. In any case, he nodded along as I told my story, and then had his assistant draw up the paperwork. He barely even took the time to look in my mouth. Again, it was like it was all business.

So, now I’m wondering if I should go in for a third consultation somewhere else, or if it will even matter. Both these places offered roughly the same process and had similar quotes, so cost isn’t a huge factor. I suspect a third office will be more of the same. But, I also cannot say I’m really comfortable with either of these dentists, let alone looking forward to treatment from them. Should I go in for another consultation or choose one of the providers I’ve already seen and get it over with? Thanks, Dawn


You should get as many Clear Choice second opinions as it takes to make you comfortable. It doesn’t sound like you have dental anxiety or anything that might cloud your decision. The offices you went to are so focused on business that you didn’t feel like they cared about you personally. Here’s what we suggest:

Tips for Getting Clear Choice Second Opinions

Don’t tell the dentist more than he or she needs to know. In other words, don’t tell the dentist what type of dental implants you want or what the other dentists have suggested. This way, he or she will be more likely to discuss all the options with you and spend more time with you as well.

Check the dentist’s credentials first. Although you should give the dentist limited information, you should be well informed. Read his or her reviews and check out before and after photos on the website. It will help you understand the type of service provided before you even enter the office.

Ask questions. If you’re unsure about a process or why something is best, ask the dentist about the pros and cons of the treatment.

Compare apples to apples. The third dentist may propose something totally different because he or she isn’t clouded by the idea that you want All-on-4s. Also, the third dentist isn’t just confirming another dentist’s diagnosis and giving you a price. For this reason, you may not be able to compare the treatment plans exactly. If they don’t match up, wait until the end and ask for a comparison of the two. That way, you can see how the information you are given relates to what previous dentists said.

Understand the time involved. Any kind of implant dentistry can result in treatment that lasts a year or more. If you aren’t sure the dentist has your best interests at heart, it’s going to be a long year full of self-doubt. Be sure you’re selecting someone you genuinely trust and feel at ease with.

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