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Discount dental implants won’t heal and I have an incision opening

By March 6, 2015November 30th, 2018Dental Implants

I got dental discount implants 5 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago I started feeling some discomfort so called the implant surgeon. He said there is probably an opening in the incision line. I have to go back next Tuesday. Is this something that will keep happening and my won’t heal? Omar E.

Omar –

An incision in the gums is made to access the jawbone. After that, an opening is made in the bone to insert the dental implant. Each edge of the gum tissue is sutured, or sewn, together.

Sometimes the incision opens. There are several reasons this can occur, and a few are listed below:

  • Stress on gum tissue – A large area of bone was exposed and a large amount of gum tissue pulled away from it. There was insufficient blood supply to the gum tissue, which can prevent proper healing, or cause the gum tissue to die.
  • Excess bone grafting material – When too much grafting material is used, the sutures can be pulled too tightly around the implant. The gum tissue’s blood supply is cut off, the gums won’t heal, and the suture will open.
  • Medical history – At times, patients with a history of diabetes experience problems with healing in the surgical site.

When you return to your implant surgeon, he or she will examine the surgical site and explain why the incision opened. You will also receive information on what will be done to correct the situation. In part, the resolution depends on the stability of the dental implant.

After you find out how your implant surgeon will correct the problem, you have the option of seeking a second opinion from an experienced implant dentist. We recommend that you find a board-certified prosthodontist. Ask both dentists about the chances of the problem recurring. Compare the responses you receive from each dentist to make an informed decision about your treatment.

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