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Flushed my dentures down the toilet

By August 31, 2015October 20th, 2023Dentures

I flushed by dentures down the toilet, on purpose because I hated them. Being toothless is better than the pain and frustration I had so now I am going back to my insurance company about the ‘accidental damage’ and starting fresh. So where do I begin? The teeth were pasty, looked like buck teeth, and were too big for my mouth. The dentist I got them from called them ‘custom’. Maybe custom for a horse. It was ridiculous. We had too many conversations and alleged fixes for those fake teeth and I felt helpless. So they are somewhere floating down the sewage pipes. How can I get this right this time? Sincere thanks. – Just call me L.T. (not my real initials).

Dear L.T. – Your frustration and disappointment are clear. We are concerned that you now have to eat without teeth or dentures. Your digestive health will become an issue. So you have to act quickly, but carefully.

Find an experienced cosmetic dentist or prosthodontist. Carefully check the dentist’s training and experience in cosmetic dentistry. Have a consultation with the dentist to ask questions, and ask for recent before-and-after pictures of the dentist’s work. Patient testimonials may be available, too. Think about friends or family members from whom you can ask for recommendations for a dentist.

If you can find at least two dentists with whom you have consultations, it will help you compare quality of the dentists’ work and quality of patient care. You should be given details about how your dentures will be customized, and at the same time complement your facial features. Although you need to replace your dentures soon, don’t rush the decision and select the wrong dental provider. If you are dissatisfied, see another prosthodontist or cosmetic dentist until you concerns are addressed.


This post is sponsored by Naperville prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.


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